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Our business started back in 2001 when we were still using dial-up access to the internet. Broadband was just a dream back then – how times have changed. We were both looking to change away our current positions. Lionel’s background was in corporate Director level sales & marketing, and Alison’s was in corporate IT and Remarketing,

With our knowledge and experience we have been in the fortunate position to advise many new and young business entrepreneurs the right route forward to market their businesses, focussing on their strengths making them aware of their opportunities whilst maximising their ROI, resulting in steady and successful growth.

We are focused on delivering high quality marketing services to all our clients, developing long term relationships and working in partnership to achieve long term results.

Author: Alison Boyle

Alison co-founded LA Marketing and is specialist in strategic online marketing for small businesses, and is passionate about teaching SME’s to grow their business through understanding social media, and empowering them to market themselves online. You can follow Alison on Twitter or Google+

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Author: Lionel Boyle

Co-founder of LA Marketing, Lionel is specialist in studying and researching best ways to promote websites using efficient SEO techniques. He also sits on the Board of Directors with Your Boardroom to support and develop young businesses.

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Author: Sarah Boyle

With a flair for creativity since childhood, Sarah has always sought out new styles using inspiration from her love of the web. Writing, drawing and design are her specialities, along with a healthy eye for attention to detail. WordPress, content and design fast becoming second nature.

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