Author: Lionel Boyle

Co-founder of LA Marketing, Lionel is specialist in studying and researching best ways to promote websites using efficient SEO techniques. He also sits on the Board of Directors with Your Boardroom to support and develop young businesses.

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Why are my emails bouncing back?

By Published 3 November 2016

If your emails bounce then it means that they’re over-quota. This means that the allocated space that has been set aside on our servers for your emails is full.

As your hosting provider, we simply provide you with an email address, the information required to set it up and allocated space (at least 250MB) on the server to enable you to use the account. We can provide more space if required but we will charge for this extended service.

Recently we have had an increase in the amount of customers telling us that their emails have stopped working or that they have had a message saying that their server space is over quota. The frequency of these reports has increased in-line with the increase of updated mobile devices. Read the rest of this entry »

Still not mobile friendly? Google update in May is looming!

By Published 25 April 2016

“Seconds away, ready for round two!”

For those that dabble in what the latest Google thing will be or how it may impact your website, you may be interested to know that ‘mobilegeddon 2’ is on its way! If you can’t remember mobilegeddon 1 then it either didn’t impact your website at all, your website was already mobile friendly or you have no idea what is going on with your website.

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13 More Sleeps Until The New Crawler Creeps

By Published 7 April 2015

If you press your ear up close to the World Wide Web you will hear a lot of chatter and the sound of an uneasy jungle! This noise has been slowly getting louder and the message is clear ‘The 21st of April is coming’!

So what is all this racket about?

Well Google is due to launch its mobile crawler which will index mobile friendly websites! Read the rest of this entry »

The Google Clock is Ticking

By Published 5 March 2015

Despite all of the noise on the internet over the last few months about making sure that your website is mobile friendly, it’s amazing how many haven’t got around to it yet!

Google (other search engines are available) is now starting to slap a few wrists! It’s a bit like leaving your car in a public carpark for too long, you just know that you’re going to get a ticket! Well if you leave your website alone and immobilised for too long, Google will penalise you! Read the rest of this entry »

Who Shot The SEO Expert?

By Published 19 January 2015

I may have mentioned before that website promotion is more research than glitz and glamour. For me I find statistics and trends fascinating but not in a boring way. I actually hated mathematics in my formative years due mostly to the unapproachable attitude of my teacher.

When I am working on website promotion I don’t see it as math, I see it more like forensic science. What has happened, why has it happened, what has changed, what could have caused things to happen, what changes have I made and what impact have they had. Read the rest of this entry »

Pay Per Click, Authorship, What have we missed?

By Published 10 September 2014

In the last financial quarter Google delivered $3.4bn in profits bringing its total for the year $12.9bn.

Before you roll your eyes and start muttering to yourself, this is Ok, it’s perfectly acceptable for a business to make a profit, isn’t that why we are in business?

So what has this got to do with me, I only have a small business and an average sized website so why should I concern myself with Google’s profits?

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Google recommends SSL to support SEO

By Published 8 August 2014

There is a rumbling coming from inside the walls of Google and the usual pundits regarding the next area on which SEO folks will have to concentrate their efforts.

For those who are tech minded you will be familiar with the little padlock that appears in your browser when you go shopping online or do your internet banking. The padlock icon and sometimes the change in colour of the toolbar tells you that the page you are on is secure, or that the page is encrypted in order to keep your personal information safe.

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Has SEO outgrown its acronym?

By Published 20 June 2014

We have now moved into a period of time when the good people at Google and the other search engine providers; are focused more than ever before on the relevant results returned by search engines following searches conducted by human beings.

Before we put the flags out let’s take a quick look at how this has happened. You have no doubt heard the phrase “I will look it up on the internet!” or “I’ll do a search!” The first statement is false! Without some form of index it would be impossible to find anything on the internet. For those of a certain age you may remember names like Excite an early web search established in 1993, or LookSmart, or how about Altavista? These were all early developers of what we now call Search Engines!

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