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How to attract the right prospects with your Profile on LinkedIn

By Published 4 June 2015

LinkedIn has the reputation as the go-to place to grow your network online. Although often I meet people in business who really don’t understand why they have all these odd requests to connect to people they don’t know on Linkedin?  Does this sound familiar?

And should you even be on LinkedIn? (more…)

How to grow your connections on LinkedIn – and build your database

By Published 9 March 2015

LinkedIn is always a hot topic amongst many of our clients, and I’m sure you often get requests to connect and are unsure of whether to connect or not?  And if you do connect what happens next?

(The search functionality that LinkedIn provides its users with makes it as easy as possible to target prospects with incredible accuracy, so this enables you to search for your prospects quite easily). (more…)

How to Create a Marketing Strategy to grow your Business using LinkedIn

By Published 23 February 2015

LinkedIn boasts a community of over 332 million business professionals (as at November 2014).

I’m sure many you have a profile on LinkedIn and are maybe not sure what to do with it? Or how to make LinkedIn work for you.  Well you’re not alone. I come across many people in this situation who are unsure how to use LinkedIn to their best advantage. (more…)

Why your LinkedIn Profile is key to your success on LinkedIn

By Published 31 October 2014

When did you last update your Linkedin Profile?

Well, having used LinkedIn for some time now and viewed quite a large number of profiles, I can probably guestimate that your profile will need revisiting in one form or another.

The best way to set yourself up for success is by getting prospects to read your profile. This is the first start in any LinkedIn networking relationship.  But the key to starting that successful relationship is getting the reader to want to know more about you. (more…)

Linked In – 5 fundamental things every small business owner should know

By Published 16 January 2012

Without stating the obvious, LinkedIn as many of us are aware, has become the largest professional networking website in the world, and is currently ranked 4th after FB, Twitter and Google.

Interestingly, having done some extensive research on LinkedIn, I now find myself knowing more than I thought I knew, which is a good thing I guess. I meet many business owners and individuals who struggle to see the benefit of Linked In including some sceptics on my recent workshop.  For some reason they just didn’t “get it”.  So I thought it would be a great idea to share some of the fundamental tips that even the basic business owner should know on Linked In.  Here goes: (more…)