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Get the Facebook audience that will treasure and value your content

By Published 13 August 2015

Getting the right Facebook audience is tricky. Back in December last year, Facebook estimated that it was home to more than 30 million active small-business pages. That number will have definitely grown since then. That’s a lot of business pages that yours needs to compete with. Do you know what one of the biggest tricks to having a successful, engaging Facebook page is though? A wonderful audience. (more…)

How to Organically Win with Business Pages on Facebook

By Published 13 May 2015

Don’t ask me to buy your number one product on Facebook.

And definitely don’t ask me to like your page to be part of a competition. In fact, that’s now against Facebook’s rules for business pages, so definitely don’t do that!

We all roll our eyes when we see those ridiculously out-of-place, out-of-context salesy posts on Facebook and I can almost guarantee that we all just keep scrolling. That’s the reason why those type of posts shouldn’t be part of your social media marketing strategy and in this post today I’m going to tell you how to use your Business Page on Facebook correctly. (more…)

What’s the REAL difference between a Facebook Profile and a Page?

By Published 8 April 2015

Many clients have told us in the past that the reason their business isn’t on Facebook is because they don’t want it confused with their personal account. Granted, you can’t have a Facebook business page without first having a personal profile, but that doesn’t mean that they will share the same content. (more…)

Why you shouldn’t use Facebook for your business

By Published 25 March 2015

“Why bother keeping up with Facebook? What does my business gain from Facebook? It’s not ruling my income, so why should I waste time and money on it?”

Don’t get me wrong, those are plausible questions that nearly every business should ask itself. Naturally, there’s no use in investing valuable resources without a guarantee of ROI (return on investment). But what’s wrong here is your perception of Facebook’s purpose. (more…)

7 Steps to Create the Perfect Facebook Post

By Published 20 November 2014

There are on average 1,500 possible stories which are filtered through per day in an average Facebook user’s Newsfeed. However, only approximately 300 of those stories make it to a user’s Newsfeed! As a business, how do you begin to tackle that algorithm before your content is posted?

Well, like all algorithms (Google, Facebook, Twitter etc), there are certain things it likes and doesn’t like – it’s just knowing what these little details are before clicking that “Post” button! In this post I’m going to talk you through the do’s instead of the don’ts for businesses posting on Facebook. (more…)

Is Advertising STILL Worth It?

By Published 3 September 2014

Paying for an advert to go in the local newspaper and radio doesn’t seem to produce the same results like it used to, does it? You can’t tell who’s read/heard it and if they take your call to action and phone you, you have no way of measuring where and how they heard about you.

Technology has moved on and so has our advertising techniques. Many of our clients come to us asking if advertising is worth it and our response is simply; yes, as long as you measure it. The difference is that the evolution of technology now allows us to measure our advertising, enabling us as businesses to know what money is best spent where. (more…)

Why content and distribution are important to influence

By Published 3 March 2014

According to Mashable, 100,000 tweets are shared, 347 website blog posts are published, 48 hours of YouTube videos are uploaded and 571 websites are launched to the world-wide-web every minute of every day (and those numbers continue to grow year on year).

On its own, that’s a huge amount of published content. But add to that the social-media-sphere and what you have is a never-ending volcanic plume of content being promoted and accessed from a plethora of channels.

social media conversation prismBrian Solis and JESS3 share this infographic, The Conversation Prism. It is a visual map of the social media landscape, and an ongoing study in digital ethnography that tracks dominant and promising social networks and organizes them by how they’re used in everyday life.

As marketers, what this graphic isn’t intended to do is overwhelm us or make us tear our hair out and wonder how we can possibly generate content that will get through all this noise (although this is a key question you need to include in your marketing plan).

The bigger picture is illustrated neatly here in this quote from a US-based marketer and thought-leader, Jonathan Pevelman from Buzzfeed

How visual media can enhance your visitors experience and develop brand awareness

By Published 28 January 2014

We’ve all heard the saying that a ‘picture is worth a thousand words’ right? I mean where would we be without the illustrated steps we’re given to help us assemble some complicated flat-packed furniture from that blue and yellow store we all know so well? And who could physically digest one of the weekend broadsheets without some compelling or illustrative photography to help quickly engage with the information we are most interested in?

Delivering the difference…

The use of engaging visual media such as high-quality photographs, graphics and video are not only capable of doing a lot of the talking for you, but will make the user or visitor experience more palatable and far richer.

The information market is such a crowded and competitive place nowadays so anything that can help you capture a visitors attention for more than 30 seconds is an achievement and a well-chosen image can go a long way to that end. Especially if you have large amounts of information to get across, the sparing but deliberate use of images can make it much more digestible and memorable.

Go easy on the pepper though!

woman sneezingYou should aim for quality, not quantity. If you have lots of images you want to share think about organising them into a gallery where they can be viewed easily by navigating left and right in an image browser, or have a dedicated ‘Gallery’ or ‘Portfolio’ page where your great pictures can be viewed without heaps of scrolling.