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7 Ways Twitter Can Help Your Business

By Published 26 November 2013

As I come across many small businesses, I often talk about the benefits of using Twitter to raise the profile of their business, and yet I still see the question in their expression – really? I don’t want to know what so-and-so has had for breakfast.  Why would that interest me?   The truth is that this is far from what actually happens on Twitter – Twitter is so much more than this…

Follow Me twitter birdWith 500 million Tweets a day and 230 million active users, people turn to Twitter to bring them closer to the things they care about, whether it’s the news that affects their lives or the businesses down the block.

By sharing helpful tips and links you are showing to your peers and potential customers that a) you are keeping up with news and views within your industry but also b) that you are reaching out to other people who may be looking to hire someone with your skills.

1. Listen and Learn

To be successful with Twitter, it’s important to spend a little bit of time listening.  A good start would be to see what your competitors are tweeting about or search for industry keywords to listen and gather market knowledge.  This is an easy way to get insights that you can use to inform your strategy.

2. Connect in context

On Twitter, people talk about what they care about and what’s happening around them right now, be it personal or business. This gives you powerful context to connect your message to what’s most meaningful to your customers in real time. By engaging with real-time Tweets it can influence conversations in a way that can help build your business.


New to Twitter? Tips on how to maximise Twitter for your business

By Published 11 February 2013

I recently took a seminar on How to Maximise Twitter for Business, educating small business owners understand and make more use out of Twitter. It was a resounding success so I thought I would share the slides here – so if you are new to Twitter and would like to understand how to maximise and make best use of Twitter take a look at these slides.

Don’t get bogged down with thinking that Twitter is all about what someone had for breakfast that day… it’s so much more than that, just take a look.

If you would like any one-2-one training on Twitter or any other aspect of social media, website or similar, please just let me know and we will be happy to help.