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Is Now the Time to Upgrade Your WordPress Website to SSL?

By Published 15 December 2016

Over the past few months, Google has been making noises about using SSL (HTTPS) as a ranking signal to rank websites higher in the search engines.

Up until now, it’s been quite a lightweight signal affecting fewer than 1 percent of global search queries, and carrying less weight than other signals (such as high-quality content) in order to give website owners time to switch to HTTPS.

But now a further shift is happening.  WordPress is at a turning point in 2017 and is now requiring all hosts to have HTTPS available for WordPress websites. (more…)

WordPress Security Best Practices to keep your website safe

By Published 31 July 2014

Owning a website can be a lot of fun and challenging too.  It can bring you great business but it can also be a big headache when things don’t quite go right.  Like being hacked for instance. When this happens you feel like your world is falling apart because your website (and in some cases your business) has disappeared in a flash.  How dare these young whippersnappers from the other side of the world attack your website!

First things first – keep calm and carry on.


WordCamp Bournemouth, a personal journey with WordPress

By Published 16 July 2014

WordCamp Bournemouth

WordPress, an open source platform used for building dynamic websites, continues to steadily grow throughout the creative design and development industry and it is now one of the leading platforms and platform of choice for many agencies.   As a result the WordPress community has now evolved and groups of people who use WordPress on a daily basis gather, meet up and discuss and share their skills, experiences, knowledge, best plugins and best practice at regular meetings up and down the country (as well as all across the world).

These meetings are called WordCamps. (more…)

So how much should you pay for your WordPress website?

By Published 27 May 2014

All WordPress websites are based on themes that can be extended upon their intended purpose – that is part of its power. So the more complex the design or functionality a site owner requires, the more he will have to spend adapting it to suit. We have organised WordPress sites into three types. Each type is progressively more complex and has a higher price tag.

Type A – The no-frills website

Type A is the least expensive option and consists of the bare bones of what you would expect from a brochure / portfolio style website to achieve.

wordpress website designTypically, a Type A website will use an out-of-the-box WordPress theme which are rather like kit-cars i.e. the design is preconfigured with how its structure, functionality and colour palette etc is made up. For example, if the theme allows the background colour to be changed from green to blue, you can’t have it red, unless you are willing to pay extra for customisation.

Warning: Many businesses opt for the Type A site with the intention of making revision after revision until the developer gets it “perfect.” That’s not what the developer has agreed to. The developer has agreed to a basic site at the low end of the cost spectrum and that’s what they’ll deliver. If you want the developer to spend lots of time fine tuning and finessing your site for the Type A price, you will be disappointed.


WordPress Theme vs Custom Template Design

By Published 19 September 2013

When it comes to designing a website, as professional developers we are faced with many choices, but none more important than whether to start designing a website from scratch or whether to find an existing template or WordPress theme.

WordPressThere are some amazing themes available now – from the likes of Studiopress (Genesis), Woo Themes and Themeforest that have a good foothold in the WordPress theme market.  But be aware of their structure.  It may not fit your business model.

Fundamentally there is no right or wrong – however the biggest deciding factor is down to the clients requirements not just now – but in the future.

As a marketer, it’s incredibly important to get to understand fully the business for which you are building a website for.  Not just the products or services they are selling – but the future plans for the business in order to determine a strategy online. (more…)

6 Handy tips why it’s worth staying loyal with one Web Designer

By Published 16 February 2012

Having a good website is one thing, but managing it moving forward needs careful planning and consideration.  As we all are aware, a website should never stand still. New content is always good to share, especially as you learn more and grow within your business.  Blogging is now accepted as one of the best ways to grow your business, and share knowledge and experience online, which is one of the reasons we have adopted WordPress as the platform of choice for all our websites. (more…)

Grab a Perch – great value good web design

By Published 21 October 2011

I’ve talked before about good web design and how important it is to have a good structure to your website, along with up to date relevant content.  Also the importance of having a content managed site that you can control, update, edit  yourself, rather than be completely reliant upon your web designer.

For these, and many more reasons, we have adopted WordPress which covers all of these criteria. It’s an amazing brilliant, versatile CMS and blog all rolled in to one, plus has incredible flexibility that I’ve not seen in any other CMS – and I’ve seen a quite a few!  However to get WordPress to work well for you, you do need to have a fair bit of web knowledge to get the most out of it, and it can end up costing you a few dollars more than maybe you had planned to get the right look, layout and functioning as it should.

Well I was quite surprised this week when a like minded professional recommended Perch to me.  For you novices out there this is a very cheap WYSIWYG web build.  If your web budget really has been stretched beyond just buying your domain name then this might be the answer for you.  Perch really is a little content managed system that will help you get your business online, and you can do it all yourself.  So why not go grab yourself a perch….