Considering Upgrading Your Hosting to SSL?

Thanks for letting us know you’re interested in upgrading your webhosting.

Is Now the Time to Upgrade Your WordPress Website to SSL?

I know it all sounds very technical but it’s only right for us to keep you informed and up to date with developments as they happen, and this was one we felt you should definitely know about.

Here’s what we’ll do for you:

  • We’ll upgrade your hosting, so you will have https:// before your domain name
  • We will also make the content of your website compliant with Google, so there is no mis-match in the search engines with security, and no errors will appear on your website.

The cost of doing this will be £96.00 plus VAT. (£26 per year for the certificate plus £70 to make the transition). Total of £115.20 incl VAT.

Considering Upgrading Your Hosting to SSL?

Once payment has been made we will set the wheels in motion, and drop you an email as soon as the upgrade has been completed.

If you’re happy to go ahead, please make a payment here.