What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is using “content” to better leverage what you can do from a marketing perspective. By engaging through content users can see how your content relates to their own processes.  The more value you deliver through content, the more opportunities become available when that individual is ready to engage with the sales process.

Content can be made up of blogs, email, video, white papers, e-books, podcasts, webinar or infographics.

Integrating CTA (calls to action) in specific webposts or webinars will encourage more signups, then as the lead comes through you are able to then take the appropriate action.

Content Marketing via Email

Email can be an effective way to provide your existing or potential customers with links to content on your website. Many organisations use only 2 or 3% of what their email marketing solution will provide, not using lead nurturing or insight gained from that individual.  The first time they know anything about that user is when they’ve raised their hand (ie shown an interest in your product).  At that point they know nothing other than they’ve raised their hand and said “I’m interested”.

Many agencies typically have a blog, facebook page, landing pages, etc… however what is most important here is the need to understand and get to know that user and find out how they’re interacting with your content.  It’s important to track what they’re interested in to enable you to better manage your funnel.

For example a potential customer – we’ll call him Bob; Bob signs up to your list.  What is the next logical step for Bob to take?  Attend a webinar? Engage him with a specific blog post? Or show him a series of videos?  By taking these steps will give you a better idea of what this type of user is interested in so when you do engage, it becomes much more effective.

Add the personal touch

The more you get to know the user, the more effectively you will be able to deliver the right communication to them, thereby increasing your chances of moving them further down the funnel.

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