Blogging – do you find it difficult to know what to write about?

Do you want to reach out to more customers?  Now it’s all about your content!

Inbound Marketing is now the new buzz phrase – simply this means creating content and marketing it on your website and social networks.  But not just any old content – it needs to be interesting, engaging and most of all informative about WHAT your business is all about…

So you have a great website, and you’re telling the world what you do and how you do it – but visitors now need more than that.  Deep down you know that to reach out further you need to have more content on your blog that’s up to date and useful and interesting to read…

but you just don’t have the time!

You’re not alone.  Many small business owners find themselves in the same situation – you’re just too busy working in your business.

But we have the answer…

We can help.  With our new dedicated blogging service, our skilled copywriter will take minimalist information from you and turn it into:

  • an engaging read
  • wanting readers to come back for more
  • show you as an expert in your field
  • gain trust and loyalty
  • answer a lot of your customers questions

Do you find yourself repeating yourself to a lot of your customers?  Well let us turn that knowledge into a blog for you!

As well as proving your knowledge and expertise, having a regular blog on your website will

  • will assist your Google ranking
  • make you more visible in all the search engines
  • help others, who will come back and recommend you and your services
  • always keep your website up to date and relevant

No more worrying about writing that content

Once we’ve written your blog for you – we will then post it out onto your social networks, eg Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,

Just imagine how wide that net could reach?  To find out more about our blogging service, take a look at our pricing packages.