Lifecycle Marketing

There is a difference between those organisations that thrive, and those that just survive.  The organisations that thrive have marketing strategies in place and have a constant stream of prospects entering their sales funnel.  This is done through understanding and using the 7 Principles of Lifecycle Marketing:

Lifecycle Marketing

  1. Attract Interest – By using email capture on your website, blog or webinars, you will attract users who are interested in and get value from the information you are sharing.
  2. Capture Leads – Use call-to-actions on your website to capture interested users via opt-in email, by giving away information that will be of value to them. This gives you the opportunity to build trust and grow your list.
  3. Nurture Prospects – Create consistent campaigns with information that is both useful and valuable, and follow up regularly using automated followup messages.
  4. Convert Sales – turn browsers into buyers using ecommerce features and a well defined marketing strategy.
  5. Deliver and Satisfy – Fulfill your commitments on schedule, then follow up by providing added value that surprises and delights your customers.
  6. Upsell Customers – Develop a long term strategy, tactics and products that will have your customers coming back for more time and time again.
  7. Get Referrals – Develop referrals by creating incentives for customers and referrers.

Why Lifecycle Marketing works

Today’s consumer expects the personal service, that delivers on value and is engaging. There are no secrets to lifecycle marketing and no magic wands, this approach works with persistent interaction using proven software (Infusionsoft) to help manage the process.

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