How to Maximise Social Media for your business

WIth the many platforms now available within the Social Media scene, it gives every single business the opportunity to self-promote and market themselves freely and easily.  Having said this, it can also be a confusing and frustrating place to be if you don’t understand how to use all these social media sites to your benefit.

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So let’s face it, Social Media is a constant state of change and trends which makes it harder to keep up with if you don’t follow these changes on a regular basis.

Social Media Trends for 2014


The continuous growth of Google has now placed more importance than ever on establishing you and your brand on Google+. Google Plus is not just a community like other social networks – it now represents a social layer for all things Google, with many entry levels leading into Google+. It should now become second nature to have a presence on this site especially if you own a business and wish to reach out using content marketing.

“Google Plus at the moment does not allow campaigns and has only just released advertising to a very few partners, so marketing on Google+ will take a different form than what we are used to seeing on Facebook.”

Here are a few advantages of using Google+

  • use Hangouts to engage using video
  • growing number of communities
  • potental power of sharing circles
  • increase in users and activities
  • establish Google Authorship

So 2014 is the year for business to break out and start posting regularly on Google+


It was made very clear last year from Facebook that without paying to promote your activities on FB, your effectiveness in your campaigns will be limited. After all Facebook are a public company and with all the time invested in development of the software early on, there comes a point when its payback time.

With big budgets being spent on Google search marketing, it now makes sense to shift these budgets across to Facebook, especially as Facebook invested a lot of time and resources to gain data that can be now broken down by demographics. So in fact their data has become a lot more attractive to businesses who wish to target specific markets.

As such if your product or service is targeted at to a specific market – it is more than likely that this market of people are on Facebook, so it would be well worth the investment in spending your budget here to attract new clients.


Twitter now has become the first place to sign in to check out what’s trending and what’s hot in the news.  It is has also become the place to grow your network and reach out to new followers by becoming an authority in your chosen field.

I often find that Twitter (amongst the newcomers to social media) is misunderstood, and there is a lack of understanding as to actually how powerful it can be – in terms of connecting with like minded people, following your peers and sharing and learning new information.

Advantages to joining and getting involved in Twitter are:

  • Learn from your peers
  • Be first to know trends in your industry and in the news
  • Share lists with colleagues
  • Prove yourself as an authority
  • Network with new people
  • Share your content with the Twitter community (in excess of 150 million worldwide)

There are, of course many other social media sites. If you find it all a bit baffling, please get in touch and we can arrange training for you and your business colleagues, plus advise best practice and social media etiquette.