Don’t let your website become another book on the shelf…

By Published 12 October 2011

The function of websites has changed lot, especially since the invention of social media has modernised the way that websites are now used.  A lot of websites used to be “brochure” based, a simple this is who I am and this is what I do, and if you like what you see then give me a call.  Ooohh, how times have changed.

Pile of books

Websites that are brochures may just as well be like an old book on a bookshelf, just collecting dust. Especially as printed books don’t change their content, so you know exactly what the book contains and therefore will only open it should you feel the need to re-read its content.  So why, when there is so much fresh and new content available on the internet would you want to read a dusty, dated, stale website?   This is a hard concept for businesses to get on board with, especially as previously yellow pages had done such a good job, beyond their use as a doorstop.

The web is now all about content and up to date content, feeds, and generally being transparent to your customers. People want to do business with businesses who are actively working hard to market themselves and to prove that their product is the next best thing, that they will bend over backwards to look after you as a customer, that they are on top of their game.  Think about  it, how do you feel about doing business with a customer who’s not bothered with their marketing?

Websites these days need to be clean, clear, fresh, concise and interesting – they need to do the hard work for the visitors and make it easy for the visitor to engage with them.  Clear calls to action are paramount to a successful website.  So remember these top tips:

1. Good colour choices

Try and use colours that match and work with your logo.  Bad colour choices can be a reason for a website to fail, there needs to be a balance.

2. Clear and crisp font, with good header styles

Fonts are incredibly endearing and can make or break a website.  Steer clear of old fashioned Times New Roman type fonts, but at the same time be careful not to choose a fancy font as it can detract entirely from page.

3.Good choice of images to complement  and enhance the content

Images are great to demonstrate content –  It’s true, a picture can paint a 1000 words !

4. Calls to Action

When a visitor comes across your website you need to make it as easy as possible for them to engage with you.  Remember, you are in control of where your visitors go! It’s your responsibility to make the visitor do what you want them to do.

5. Easy to get hold of

How easy is to connect with you?  Are there links on your website to twitter/facebook/linkedin?  A visitor wants to find out how active you are and what you’re up to now.  What’s the best way to get hold of you?

Let me know what you think?

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Author: Alison Boyle

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