New to Twitter? Tips on how to maximise Twitter for your business

By Published 11 February 2013

I recently took a seminar on How to Maximise Twitter for Business, educating small business owners understand and make more use out of Twitter. It was a resounding success so I thought I would share the slides here – so if you are new to Twitter and would like to understand how to maximise and make best use of Twitter take a look at these slides.

Don’t get bogged down with thinking that Twitter is all about what someone had for breakfast that day… it’s so much more than that, just take a look.

If you would like any one-2-one training on Twitter or any other aspect of social media, website or similar, please just let me know and we will be happy to help.

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Author: Alison Boyle

Alison co-founded LA Marketing and is specialist in strategic online marketing for small businesses, and is passionate about teaching SME’s to grow their business through understanding social media, and empowering them to market themselves online. You can follow Alison on Twitter or Google+

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