Should I change my website content?

Why wouldn’t you? The search engines are now more interested in what is relevant to human beings than anything else. This means that regular changes in content either on the pages or via blogs enable the search engines to see that your website is fresh and up to date. We cannot impress on you enough that CONTENT IS KING!

Put yourself in a social environment and imagine you say to somebody “Oh hello there, how do you know the host?” The response you get is a gush of how wonderful the person is and how much money they earn, where they live, the car they drive and eventually the fact that they were at school with the host! You wouldn’t hang around that person for long would you?

Now imagine that you have entered a shop and the assistant asks you if you need some help. “I am looking for an egg timer!” You have suggested a specific item that you would like to be directed to, the assistant who has recently attended ‘The Company’ training programme responds with “Before I show you where they are, we have 20 stores located across the country, employing over 400 staff, we stock over 15,000 items ranging in price from £1.00 to £450.00 our customers say that we are really great and that we deserve the five prestigious awards that we have received. We support several local charities and one of our team has recently swum around the world to raise money for divorced frogs! Unfortunately it looks like we are out of egg timers, could I interest you in a washing-up bowl?”

Here is a short video from Matt Cutts of Google which may help you.

Keep your content relevant to each page, keep each page up-to-date and try whenever you can to educate your visitors. Keeping visitors to your website updated and informed will encourage them to come back and even better, they may even share your links with others.