What is search engine marketing?

Well I see a can of worms, may as well open it!

SEO and SEM may well be carried out by the same person, they are however two different activities. Let us explain our view on this subject. If you wish to optimise your website so that search engines find it more easily, work on your website so that the structure is search engine friendly and all the other bits and pieces are all working to the best of their ability, that in our opinion is Search Engine Optimisation, making sure that your website is fighting fit and ready for the robots to crawl. More importantly, easily accessible to other humans.

It therefore makes sense to say that if you then wanted your pampered website to now be found by the most popular search engines, you will require ‘Search Marketing’! A way of promoting your website so that it is attractive to search engines. This may take many forms PPC (Pay Per Click), link building, Social Media links, paid advertising and blogging to name but a few.

Search marketing is promoting  your website to the search engines. To carry-out this work takes time, skill and a certain amount of knowledge. It is one thing to know what Google likes but what do Bing and the others like to see. Every search engine has its own little preferences and some of the guidelines from Google don’t quite fall in line with what Yahoo will accept. Don’t misunderstand what I am saying, all of the search engines are singing the same song ‘Content is King, long live the Content’! They will not always go about things in the same way though, which is why it usually pays to have a professional on-board to guide you through and away from the hazards.