Service Apps for your business

Build brand loyalty, incentivise recommendations and fill your diary with a built-in booking system

Encourage clients to recommend you via Social Media. Gain likes, followers, app downloads and ultimately gain more business.

Create a Client Loyalty Scheme

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Replace loyalty cards or offer a brand new loyalty scheme for your clients.

Increase client retention and customer loyalty

Issue rewards digitally to your clients and track when they are redeemed. No stamps, no cards, no hassle.

Multiple branches? No problem

Use the same loyalty scheme in one branch or one hundred. Apps can contain multiple venues – all managed separately.


Direct Marketing with Push Messaging

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Reduce your SMS marketing costs with free and unobtrusive push messages that clients want to receive.

A push message looks just like an SMS, but when clicked takes your user direct to your app.

Send unlimited free push messages

Push messages are free and proven to be more effective than SMS.

Marketing automation is simple with scheduled push messages and built in offers.


Integrate Online Booking

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Display your service menu / price list and accept booking requests.

Integrate with a variety of booking systems

If you currently have online booking – we can build it into your app giving clients a quick and convenient way to book appointments / classes, or alternatively use our powerful booking system stand alone.

Send client reminders

Send free push message appointment reminders – make sure clients never miss another appointment / class

Powerful Management API

Our API connects apps with third party software providers to your app for real time availability and confirmation.


Simple App Management

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Apps are managed using a powerful client management area and apps.

Track App Downloads

Use powerful analytics and reports to monitor the success of your app and prove marketing strategy. See how many calls, bookings and referrals you receive.

Take Control of your App

Edit your prices and services, manage loyalty and automate marketing with full 24 hour support.


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And all for ONLY £500.00 (one-off)

Plus £50 per month (covering support, training and updates)


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What does my £500 payment cover?

Just take a look at this…


  • Initial building of your custom app
  • Brand integration
  • Connection to your booking system (if applicable)
  • Free posters for marketing
  • Training on how to manage your app
  • Plus much, much more!
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Don’t miss out!


privacy We value privacy and don’t share any of your information