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By Published 8 November 2011
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To have a web presence is a given for just about every business and anyone with something to say, but just like fashion it is a job in itself to look at what the future holds and what will be the next ‘must have’ on your website.

We have seen a massive move towards ‘open source’ programmes and applications like WordPress. Open source is a culmination of many people with varying skills and specialisations pooling their resources to develop something that benefits the greater mass market.

Up until recent years many programmers would never have entertained the idea of sharing their precious code, many web designers would have also had a snobbish attitude to these upstarts for similar reasons. The closest we got to sharing was to actually launch the website and make it public.

The advent of Web 2.0 has seen a big change towards openness and collaboration. This coming together has accelerated a vast amount of development and this has lead to new jobs and opportunities, not only for web developers but also for creatives.

Combine all of this with the continuing development and the introduction of new search engines, search engine optimisation, social media, blogs, gadgets, plug-ins and interactive applications; it is easy to see that a website launched today could be outdated within a matter of months. It has been suggested that a website should be measured in ‘dog years’ as a rough rule of thumb.

To round up here ‘fresh’ is the new black! You can keep your website up to date with a blog, by adding news as and when it comes up, change images from time to time, by doing this you not only keep your website fresh for potential customers but you will be doing your bit for the search engines too.

Remember; not all websites get onto the famous catwalk known as ‘Page One’ but they won’t stand a chance in last years collection!

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Author: Lionel Boyle

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