Why is web design so important?

There are a large number of website designers out there now developing websites – although not all of them focus on the marketing aspect.  Some are using their own code or CMS (Content Management System) to put sites together, and some are using open source platforms like Joomla, WordPress, Magento – to name a few.  And there are still those that just build in straight forward HTML without the ability for you to easily edit your own content!

Ultimately, your website should be built on a platform that easily facilitates the expansion of your content. Your website is a marketing tool to help you reach potential customers. But more than that, your website should empower your visitors with knowledge and engage with them in ways that facilitate their confidence and understanding of what they are ‘buying into’.  After all, that’s the reason they visit your website, to gather your knowledge and to gain your trust.

7 Areas to seriously consider BEFORE you engage with your web designer

Find out how to be more informed to help you make one of the most important marketing decisions of your business

Here at LA Marketing we specialise in website design for small businesses using WordPress.  It will depend on your requirements whether we design a tailor made theme, or choose a premium theme will work well for you, however often it’s the case that we prefer to build custom designs as it gives both us (as content developers) and you (as content administrators) much more flexibility with facilitating the ambitions of the website.

At LA Marketing, we believe that great content + a flexible platform = great website design

responsive web design

Responsive – Mobile First

According to IDC Study, (International Data Corporation) by 2017, 87% of internet devices will be made up of mobile devices such as smartphones, iPads, tablets. With this being only 3 years away, now is the time to consider making your website engaging and shareable. Think about the responsive experience, by making your website easily accessible and easy to navigate on any device.  Creating and making your website responsive in this manner, will widen the access individuals have to reaching your content and inevitably increase the chance of converting them into sales.

ALL our websites are now built using the responsive method, as well as using responsive WordPress themes.

Why should you consider a Website re-design?

It’s no secret that the web is changing faster than many can keep up with. New businesses are being created all the time and they rely on the Web to reach new customers and spread the word about their products and services.

We come across many small businesses who are still unable to edit their own website or make changes to their website design. So what type of website do you have?

  1. Static website – only your webmaster is able to edit or update any content?
  2. Flash Website – similar to above with the added problem of not being visible on mobile devices?
  3. Website built in a bespoke ‘old’ CMS – you are able edit some content, although the amount is limited?
  4. Website built on a robust CMS, like WordPress  – full capability of editing all the content, but it may not be set up to be responsive to mobile devices?

If you fall into category 1-3, then it is definitely time to start thinking about a re-design.  Why not contact us to schedule a review of your website so we can discuss your options with you.

Or if you fall into the 4th category – then you’re in a good position, but maybe we could help you maximise your website more.  Why not get in touch to arrange a meeting to chat through your options.

7 Areas to seriously consider BEFORE you engage with your web designer

Find out how to be more informed to help you make one of the most important marketing decisions of your business

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