On-going Website Support

Is it worth investing in website support?

Well, that depends on how much you value your time. Website management isn’t for beginners. For example’s sake, let’s say you spend two hours each month on maintaining your website – how much has that cost you in terms of client work you’ve missed out on? If you charge your time at £50/hour, that’s easy: £100. If you charge £100/hour, it’s £200.

Once you have factored this cost in, outsourcing your website support makes financial sense. WordPress updates (core, theme, and plugins) can appear to be easy tasks (all you do is click the “Update” button, surely?!) but if you apply an incompatible update, you can break your website entirely. Not only can this leave you without a website, it can leave it vulnerable to hackers.

Let the professionals handle website management and go back to what you do best, running your business.

Quick Fix on Demand

Sometimes you just need a quick hand in fixing an issue you have. Below are just some of the most popular ad-hoc issues we have helped our clients fix. All of these services are included in our Premium Support package further below.

  • Error Messages
  • Maintenance/Updates
  • Plugin conflict issues
  • JavaScript conflicts
  • Broken layout
  • HTML, CSS, PHP issues
  • Website migration or backup

Hacker Healing


Is your website down? Is it displaying content that you didn’t write? Chances are your site has been hacked and your intruder has locked you out. Like any business, you need it back up as soon as possible. We will kick your intruder out and lock the doors with our Hacker Healing service.

On-Going Support Packages

NB: Prices are all subject to VAT.

Monthly packages Basic £65 BUY NOW Easy £125 BUY NOW Premium £295 BUY NOW
Website updates (hrs per month)** 1 2 3
Email Support Yes Yes Yes
WordPress, Theme & Plugin updates Yes Yes Yes
Daily Security & Malware checks No Yes Yes
Daily Back-ups No Yes Yes
Keep 14 days of back-ups No Yes Yes
Manage Comments & Spam No No Yes
Monitor SEO Ranking No No Yes
Monitor website ‘uptime’ No No Yes
‘Quick Fix on Demand’ included No No Yes
WordPress, Theme & Plugin updates

WordPress updates. We will keep an eye on this daily. It is important for us (as developers) to do this, as updates can occasionally break things. We will do compatibility tests before applying updates, to ensure nothing breaks.

Keeping all your plugins updated. Plugins are one of the most vulnerable parts of WordPress, not only to external hackers but to malicious or greedy programmers. While we only use reputable plugins, it’s important to make sure these plugins are kept updated, just in case a vulnerability is being addressed in the update. Again, it’s important for us (as developers) to do this, as updates can sometimes break things.

Theme updates. Similar to the WordPress core, sometimes an update to your website theme might not be compatible with a plugin or a setting on your website. We will test compatibility and fix any issues that arise before applying updates.

Daily Security & Malware checks

Everyone wants a secure, malware-free website. When we build your website, we provide you with a website which is exactly that – secure and malware-free. Our security packages ensure your website stays that way.

Daily Back-ups

We will take daily back-ups of your website and databases and store them safely off-site (using Amazon Cloud). We will also keep 14 days of back-ups for peace of mind.

* Website/Email support Monday-Friday 9.00am-5.30pm

** Any required website updates, (eg: can be adding/editing images, links, pdf’s, content changes, html changes)

*** Recommended updates to website to improve Google rankings